A terrific juxtaposition of stories — the author and her family and the horror of nuclear war

Full disclosure: I’m the pastor she mentions who visited her in Hiroshima in 1987 so I’ve known Ms. Sussan for a long time, though we don’t talk very often. I moved from the church of which she was a member in 1992.

I loved the book. It captures Leslie’s own emotional and spiritual journey, trying to discover more about what her father experienced in Hiroshima and thus to learn more about him and his reticence to share those experiences. She is candid about her own rebellion against her parents and how she grew immensely as she met and talked with bomb survivors and others seeking to tell about the horror of an atomic bomb.

Her message is very apt for our polarized and dangerous world. She eloquently argues for more knowledge about and the elimination of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons.

Get the book. It will make you laugh and cry and reflect on what you can do.

“Coach” Bob Harris