“The book inspired me to a recommitment to work for peace and tolerance for all humans.”

The author manages to weave together stories of: a crucial and terrible moment in history – the bombing of Hiroshima-Nagasaki; the tragic stories of the victims and survivors; the lifelong quest of her father, the US Army filmmaker of the aftermath, to make sure the tragedy was not repeated; and her search for the truth behind the events. . . . The included photos bring to life the narrative.

“Timeless perspective and a timely reminder as atomic survivors dwindle”

Ms. Sussan takes disparate sources, multiple timelines, several perspectives, and her unique position as both an insider and an outsider to one of mankind’s most tragic moments and weaves them together in a compelling narrative. . . . And we get to see much of it through the lens of the American soldier/film maker, Herb Sussan, who captured their stories and then spent the rest of his life in a struggle to be allowed to tell those stories. . . . If you are a WWII buff, this personal look at the aftermath of the dawn of the nuclear age is a must. If you like uncovering dusty but fascinating corners of history, read this book. If you just enjoy a good read, this is one you will appreciate. . . .

“An honest and kind personal history driven by the horror of nuclear war”

What also becomes clear is how the damage is passed to witnesses and to new generations. Finally, there are the stories of how individuals face horror and destruction and move forward with purpose and light. . . . [The author] carries her responsibilities as a daughter, an activist, and a witness with grace.

“The world will never be the same because of those two days”

To realize the lifetime(s) impact of the use of such weapons was heartbreaking. So many people impacted well beyond the the immediate effects of the bombs. Thank you for sharing your father’s story, your story and those of so many others.

“Beautifully written account of lives connected by horror and courage”

An Australian response to the book: “The bombing of Hiroshima happened before I was born and I never really thought much about it but this has opened my eyes to an important event in world history which should never be repeated.”

“Both a source of answers and questions”

[T]he voice a soldier of humble means and unique ambition who came to play a central role in the recording and documentation of Hiroshima, the musings and accounts of his pacifist daughter who opposed yet loved him a generation later, and last through the stories and glimpses of some of those who survived the nuclear bombings that concluded WWII.

“Read at your own risk.”

Whether you approve or disapprove of nuclear war/weapons, this account may cause you to ponder the ramifications; some that last a lifetime and beyond for generations to come. . . . [A] book of substance. Read at your own risk.