Choosing Life: My father’s journey from Hollywood to Hiroshima has been recognized as a featured book by the Women’s National Book Association.  You can visit the featured page here.

WNBA was founded in 1917. One of its founding members, Madge Jenison, described its purpose as follows:

 “It was in the years of the First World War, toward the end of it. Big ideas of civilization and what we wanted of it; how we could keep all we have and get some more. It seemed to us that books are power—that if we could create a working body of all those who have to do with the circulation of ideas in books…if we could start up such an organization, we would have a mechanism, through which we could throw our weight en masse behind anything in which we believed; that we could even stop war if our organization became complete and vigorous enough. Books are a step above the newspapers, magazines and radio. They are the cream of the crop. And it seems to us logical that women should undertake such an enterprise as this.”

Excerpted from Women in the Literary Landscape: A Centennial Publication of the Women’s National Book Association, From the Archives, by Nancy Rubin Stuart

More than a century later, the hope of stopping war, or at least any further use of nuclear weapons capable of destroying civilization and even life, is at the core of my book as well.